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Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim 00 years, will hit in Japan and the friendship of Turkey 0 anniversary. Okada Foreign Minister month, visited Turkey, we celebrated the opening of the Japan Year in 00 years Turkey]. What kind of country that's how the friendly countries Turkey has exceeded century, we will look at in conjunction with, such as the recent situation. Turkey's east and west civilization crossroads Geographically the three-way Black Sea, Aegean, Turkey, which is surrounded by the Mediterranean, flourished as [the crossroads of East and West civilization from ancient times, the Hittite empire, ancient Greek and Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk Turks, such as the Ottoman Empire was the rise and fall location is. Country is about twice of Japan (about million square km), population, 00,000 people (00 years, the National Statistical Office estimates) in, is the major powers to represent the Middle East. Europe, Asia, the Middle East, from the geographical characteristics that are in close proximity to Africa, the Turks, are rich indeed diversity such as the color of eyes and hair.

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