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Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim Such as Saudi Arabia and Dubai, white ethnic costume wears in the Middle East men of systemic [Kandura]. Most of the fabric [stove] of this costume is, in fact, do you know that it's made in Japan. In high quality overwhelm popular other countries products, in local distribution to copy items of Japanese products. In particular, luxury stove market of wealthy and Sunday best friendly, Osaka of fiber manufacturers have a monopoly. High season Ramadan Muslims are fasting month, from sunrise to sunset [Ramadan]. Every year Ramadan dawns, safely grandly celebrate the festival of the landscape that it has finished the fasting can be seen. Ramadan for the local people is a "sunny days". Men as [Sunday best, wearing a Kandura we just had made, arrange the shoulder. [Most stove that sell in the year, I do this for Ramadan for]. Toyobo and Shikibo of the person in charge of about 0 years started to make the stove, the anti-align the mouth. Currently, stove made in Japan that are consumed in the Middle East is about 0 to.

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