Learn the people of the desert, of One to survive wisely the heat tips

Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim Nowadays still intense heat continues. But it is you want to add a sufficient care in the summer heat and heat stroke. By the way [the old days, and more hotter than Japan, air conditioning or fan, refrigerator people also never been desert would've been how to live. ] Have you ever thought so? The wisdom of living transmitted to the people of ancient times than of the desert country, it should be is surely to learn even in our modern Japanese. So, we tell the people of One of the wisdom of the desert in order to survive in healthy summer. Avoid direct sunlight Desert sun of burning shines. During the day, in order to protect themselves from something burning sun, creatures dug a hole in the ground, the people we have been outperforming the heat in the shade. For heat stroke prevention also, hot day, but I want to try to spend in a cool room to avoid as much as possible go out, let's protect the head from direct sunlight wearing a hat when you do not have to be absolutely walk under the scorching sun.

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