[World of folk costumes] vary greatly Male Female? In Europe and ...

Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim There are a variety of national costume in the world. By way of thinking, such as religion, such as the length and frequency of use of the length will vary greatly. Female Male, will the culture of the country is a glimpse because the format is changed also in Europe and Asia. It's kimono Speaking of Japan's national costume. In this way the world has its country-specific ethnic costumes, of course, in recent years even as a tourist target has been popular high as those where there is a history. Although less opportunity to see in the city in modern times, the opportunity to wear for each official events such as weddings or graduation ceremony is said to often. Detailed writer's in countries around the world will introduce in detail in this article. Please try by all means to find a favorite national costume! Chinese folk costumes: various types by region There are a variety of ethnic costumes in China, famous is [China dress]. It's very sexy and contains a large slit. The most well-dressed its dependent region is Shanghai, but only have a slight people wear at weddings is now, it seems there is no chance to wear the most.

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