[Swords World] in the Middle East sword dance: Saudi Arabia

Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim On Saudi Arabia people are also traditions of each tribe that values ​​as well as faith, geographical conditions, because the climate is also different in each region, various cultural and folk arts was nurtured. Folk dances also vary by region, transmitted to the Hejaz region, [dance of whistle] danced to match the performance of the drum that the flute and the Portable or dance along with the clapping transmitted to the north [Dahha], of sword called [Arda dance] dance and so on. Middle East powers, with its large holy places of Islam And Mecca is the largest of the Holy Land Islam, the first of the Holy Land, Medina major powers in the Middle East Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (and later, Saudi Arabia) is located in. King is the mosque of the guardian in the Mecca and Medina, the public is also a devout Muslim. The Arabian Peninsula is a national land of Saudi Arabia is the Arab residential area for a long time, was once formed the village for each tribe. Currently, the Arabs of these diverse tribal origin make up the nation under the absolute monarchy.

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