Kurds what kind of people? Reason to live in countries

Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim Year fall, residence of the world's largest ethnic groups that do not have a country is especially made to political unrest Kurdistan also been heard that somewhere, probably most people who do not Shimese the location on the map. Kurdistan's not an independent nation. But, about million people of ethnic groups, for the Kurds, Kurdistan's existence realistic. Kurdistan is a region that spans Turkey, Iran, Iraq, to ​​Syria of countries. Currently, especially political unrest areas in the world, Kurdish who live here can be said to [the world's largest ethnic groups that do not have a country. Except that lived in the Middle East, is whether the Kurds to have any roots, no agreement can be reached even among people of scholars and Kurdish. Nor Kurds believe a common religion. The majority is a Sunni Muslim, but there also other followers of the religion. It is clear, the Kurds thing have a common language and uniqueness as a nation. Is around the Middle Ages of this common feature was born.
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