London and Tokyo, fashion also so also different values

Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim [Right for right! London] is not Spoken To come to London, I feel first, the fact that the people who are working to live here is just gathered from all over the world. Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, Asia (especially China and India), North America .... Therefore, even clothes of taste wearing apart. Dress of taste in every country not only the area seems to be different. For example, even in people from East Asia to see in Japan, or people of China, or those of South Korea, or you will not be able to distinguish roughly by clothing or Japanese as the? Fashion, taste and trends in the country of the fashion industry is to provide, we are the standard unwittingly the quality the person is wearing. This is not surprisingly awareness. The same as the taste of food, I feel that than not it hard that would love to dress suddenly different taste into adulthood. London is, I think one of the trends is that it is a very difficult city is that affect the entire fashion. On the other hand, you can feel from the women who pass by the fashion trends of each season and lives in Tokyo.

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