High evaluation from buyers turned to the British men's [Casimi] ...

Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim United Arab Emirates (UAE) age of birth, Haridoarukashimi (Khalid Al Qasimi) has launched [Casimi] is, as a stepping stone towards the full-scale entry into the Japanese market, up to date at the opening ceremony (OPENING CEREMONY) Omotesando open a pop-up shop. In accordance with the open also Casimi of designers to Japan, it was to appeal the brand perform exhibition of buyers and for the press. Casimi is moved to the UK from age, start a women's brand to 0 years after graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Then turned to men's, she decorated the debut in Parimenzu to 0 years. It is currently presenting his collection in London men's. A mix of the UK charged basic military and sports to casual, mustard yellow and Bordeaux, sand beige, beautiful color ring aligned tones such as tobacco's features. And the goodness of goods stuck to Italian quality materials, highly versatile, located in the middle of the mode and street style, gives off a conspicuous in the tilted to the creation tend London men's.

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