Dress of women in Chiebukuro Middle East of Asia

Malaysia reports Vol. Clothes of Muslim When viewed from the Japanese, the Middle East, might proceeds uncommon that women dress in the so-called Islamic world. As in the image, it obscures the many parts of the skin with a cloth style is the mainstream. The provisions of the Qur'an In the Muslim holy book the Qur'an, women there is a provision that must be as inconspicuous line of the body to hide other than the face and hands. Women in the for the Islamic society is, I is common to wear the clothes, such as hide the entire body comfortably large. Women's clothing of the Islamic world Just how much do you have hidden, and more also in the country because, exposure degree There are a variety of different types of clothes. . Hijab It hijab will include the thing typical. Hijab is like a scarf to hide the hair. [Hijab] except that there is a sense that [those covering] in Arabic, there are also implications, such as [chaste] [morality]. It has a purpose that [so as not to lust men]. Abaya It is a traditional national costume of the Arabian peninsula.

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